Meet the Coalition: Indy Do Day

Indy Do Day is an initiative that inspires Indianapolis residents to serve and volunteer in Indianapolis.

Taking place this year on September 28, 29 and 30, it’s more than just a few hours of doing good- it’s three focused days when the people of Indianapolis get to know their neighbors, take ownership of their neighborhoods, and take care of one another together. It’s also about building the most civic-engaged community in the nation where every day is a Do Day.

Last year, nearly 20,000 residents took part in service projects big and small on Indy Do Day. The large scale community-wide efforts of Indy Do Day generated concentrated energy and a loud “buzz” throughout the city- countless media hits, Twitter trendings, and a true sense of city pride occurred. During those three days, Indianapolis came together like never before.

The true value of It’s My City is a long term three-year commitment to clean, green and beautify Indianapolis, and Indy Do Day, which happen every year, helps fulfill that long term mission and commitment. The dedicated businesses, schools and individuals who participate in the It’s My City coalition can use Indy Do Day as a time to intentionally plan and execute volunteer projects that will fulfill their mission to keep Indy clean, green and beautiful.

If your Indy Do Day project helps to clean up Indy, you’re part of It’s My City. And when It’s My City partners plan activities and events over those last three days of September, they’re part of Indy Do Day. It’s a natural fit and one that will inspire service and create a cleaner Indianapolis. Let’s do this, together. Let’s do this, Indy.

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