How to Get Involved: Sustain Indy - Recycling

Coming off of the weekend normally means more trash and even more recycling (‘cause we know all those cans and bottles from the bar-b-cue are just hangin’ out), but you can be an environmental super hero and participate in Sustain Indy’s Recycling initiative!

Sustain Indy is a city agency whose goals for Indianapolis revolve around making the city a healthier place to live. For example their clean air campaign, Knozone, “works with residents and businesses to improve our region’s air quality, making Central Indiana a great place to live, work, and visit.”

Sustain Indy also runs the Indianapolis Residential Recycling program as part of their dedication to helping residents live in a clean and sustainable city. You can participate in the Recycling program through dropping off your recycling or having it picked up from your home.

Be sure to check out their website for drop-off locations and pick-up costs!

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