How to Get Involved: KIB - Great Indy Cleanup

If you’ve been noticing more litter on the streets of your neighborhood and want to do something about it, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful can help.

The Great Indy Cleanup in partnership with the City of Indianapolis and KIB designed to assist individuals and community groups combat heavy litter and debris that has accumulated in public spaces such as streets, alleys, greenspaces and waterways.

This program runs from April to October and encourages residents to organize their own cleanup, with the assistance of KIB and the City of Indianapolis as needed. GIC Captains have access to trash trucks in April and October … and access to dumpsters and heavy trash pick up during the entire season!

Recent cleanups include the Riverside Cleanup on May 30th and the Old Southside Neighborhood Association Spring Cleanup on April 3rd. GIC is a great way to involve your community in caring for your community.

You can join a pre-existing GIC project or you can create your own! We hope to see you out there and don’t forget to mention us (@ItsMyCityIndy) and use #itsmycity!

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