Our call to action

In 1976, Mayor Bill Hudnut called Indianapolis to action. Tired of hearing the city called everything from a dirty, fly over city to Indiana-no-place, Hudnut embarked with Indianapolis residents on a citywide charge to take responsibility for the condition of city streets -- and thus was born the Indianapolis Clean City Committee and the iconic Hudnut Hook.

Two years after Indianapolis answered Hudnut's call, litter in the city was reduced by 81% -- in large part due to residents each doing a little bit to change a lot.

Once again, Indianapolis residents are being called to engage in their civic duty and pride in the city we call home. This time, Mayor Hudnut's legacy will be carried out by each and every one of you.

It's My City aims to ignite a recommitment to civic engagement and good citizenship in Indianapolis with the goal of creating a clean, green, and beautiful city.

A community that takes action together to create a clean, green, and beautiful city is home to happy people who take pride in the place they live.